The Longboard

My daughter has gotten into long-board skateboarding so for Christmas one of her skater friends gave her a blank.  He helped her cut the shape and sand the wood — then it was time to design the graphics.   She went through several ideas before settling on an Alice in Wonderland theme.  This is the point where I got involved.  She had a rough graphic of Alice which had to be enlarged well beyond it’s limitations for it to fit the original board plans.  Taking both the graphic and the board plans into photoshop, I sized the image of Alice to fit, then taught her to use the graphics tablet to redraw all the lines.  Next we duplicated the rose background to take it from edge to edge, manipulated a swirl pattern that emulated falling down the rabbit hole, added a “we’re all mad here” graphic, and built a tattoo for Alice’s arm with contact info in case she loses it.  I output the full-size graphic as a decal.  Six or 8 coats of polyurethane later and it was ready for “sea trials.”   Here’s a shot of her with her long-board on the Athens Greenway trail.Longboard-3591churchill_st016